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CBD Bracelet

The new innovation in CBD Products

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TANKA CBD Bracelet was created after some of their family and friends began complaining about
how daily aches and pains were standing in the way of doing what they love most.
Believers in the combination of the natural healing power of CBD together
with their already proven control release technology, they got to work
on an approachable solution that help people like their family
and friends who want the medical benefits without the psychoactive side effects.
Amnon, who is an experienced chemical engineer,
developed the bracelet unique control release technology.
By using this technology to help people TANKA Bracelet  was born.


• Innovative technology of controlled release ensures maximum
efficiency over time
• Wear on the hand or foot. Mixing Fashion & Health
• 100 % Waterproof
• Can be used in extreme weather conditions
• Effective for up to 30 days

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CBD Bracelet

we have a new patent we came up with , its about inserting cbd into your body through a bracelet, we call it Tanka Bracelet , you can call it CBD Bracelet

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